Frank and Sue from Park City. Utah begin their great adventure to protect and provide a home for 2 wild Mustangs.


Frank and Sue from Park City Utah, guests at White Stallion Ranch, have embarked upon a special journey to rescue and provide a home for two wild Mustangs. With the facilitation assistance of Ian Singer and the accomplished training skill of JP Dyal they’ll be arriving in Tucson on June 3. 2016 and together with Ian and JP drive to the Florence AZ prison Mustang holding facility where they will select 2 gelding Mustangs for adoption. The horses will be trained by JP (through the TIP program in partnership with the Mustang Heritage Foundation) at White Stallion Ranch for a period of 90 days after which they will arrive in their new home with Frank and Sue at their ranch in Park City.


Frank and Sue are 2 very unique and dedicated individuals who share the important mission to save and protect and care for these extraordinary wild horses, one of America’s greatest but sadly neglected treasures. Please be sure to check back for updates to this page as their adventure begins.



Grace – Adopted on 6-3-2016
Day 2

Please check this page periodically as it will be updated with videos and photos of the training process.

If you’re interested in Mustang adoption please contact

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