Mustang Adoption / Training Program for Dude Ranches

NewHorse has one Mission only.  This guides and governs all that we do.  Our Mission is to enhance and expand the member ranch activity – “more butts in saddles”.  One of the most compelling activities as recently experienced  by White Stallion Ranch, is for the guests to have an opportunity to witness and experience the training and gradual integration of wild Mustangs into the ranch life.  These magnificent horses when in the right caring and protected environment and entrusted to the skills of a specialized trainer are a continuing source of amazement and often astonishment to the guests as they progress through their training. has developed close alliances and partnerships with the pre-eminent Mustang rescue organizations in the US, namely the Mustang Heritage Foundation whose unique TIP (Trainer Incentive Program) equips trainers with the special skills and tools to take the Mustang journey from wild to gentled.  The BLM offices and Mustang Holding Facilities are strong allies of and advocates for the ambitious  Mustang program of

We invite all of our members to participate and take advantage of our affiliations and resources and training team and thus provide at their ranch a greatly enhanced activity that powerfully attracts the guests, and encourages both return and new visitors.

For more information on how your dude ranch can participate in’s Mustang Adoption / Training Program and how it can benefit your ranch please contact

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