Rawah Wilderness Ranch

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Colorado Guest Ranch and Fly Fishing Lodge

Named for the rugged and majestic snow-capped mountains that rise above it and the untouched wilderness that surrounds it, Northern Colorado’s Historic Rawah Ranch is a Colorado guest ranch located in one of the west’s most scenic and unspoiled valleys in North America. Experience spectacular private Colorado fly fishing casting flies over wild trout on endless private waters including our own stretch of the Big Laramie River. Bring out your inner cowboy on a backcountry horseback ride over mountain passes or through boundless groves of aspen. Enjoy a relaxing and beautiful hike through high alpine meadows, observe the abundant wildlife or just relax on the porch…. your choice. When you come visit our Colorado guest ranch, the opportunities are only limited by your imagination.


  • Address 11447 Co Rd 103, Jelm, WY 82063
  • Phone 800.820.3152
  • E-mail info@rawahranch.com
  • Category Colorado
  • Location Colorado
  • Tags Children's Programs, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Hiking, Horseback Instruction, Horseback riding, Whitewater Rafting


Rawah Wilderness Ranch
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Rawah Wilderness Ranch
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While at Rawah, our guests enjoy their own private log cabins warmed by fireplaces and woodstoves. Our cabins are each truly unique in their names and character. Each of our cabins has its own private bath and is serviced daily by our housekeeping staff.

The historic Rawah Wilderness
To the mountain tribe of Ute Indians, “Rawah” was the word meant for “abundance”. Nestled at 8400 feet, just south of the Wyoming border neighboring the snowcapped peaks of the rugged Rawah Wilderness, Rawah Ranch and Fly Fishing Lodge occupies a magical setting in the still undiscovered Big Laramie River valley.

The railroad companies set our ranch legacy in motion when our 26th President Theodore Roosevelt signed the deed of trust for the land that the ranch occupies as a part of a land acquisition. A short while after that our valley was encompassed into what would become the Roosevelt National Forest. In 1964 with the passage of theWilderness Act our Rawah Wilderness area was preserved indefinitely. In 1948, a gentleman by the name of Ralph Jordan had the great foresight to establish Rawah Ranch, not as a cattle ranch, but as a premier place for guests to simply come to and stay in warm and comfortable accommodations enjoying hearty meals and to live in the experience of the surrounding wilderness. When you first visit Rawah it will be quite apparent that the setting could not be more suitable. For over sixty years this historic Rawah Ranch has earned the reputation as the best of the west by simply maintaining the provision of this opportunity with unyielding service and time-proven skills for families and folks from all over the world. An opportunity to experience the thrill of traveling horseback and hiking in the surrounding wilderness and casting flies over wild trout on miles of the fabled Big Laramie River, which runs right through the ranch and fish high country lakes for native greenbacks whom have never seen a well-presented or even a not-so-well presented fly. Although times have changed, the vision of Rawah Ranch has never been so clear. Quite simple.