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White Stallion Ranch September Newsletter


RANCH UPDATES                       SEPTEMBER 2019



Monsoon Photos

Photo by Carol Moore
Photo by Sam Handleyey
Welcome to America

ARIZONA (an upcoming book)
Steven and Alice True will be on the cover of Carol Highsmith’s upcoming book, Arizona.  Carol is a distinguised photographer, author and publisher, whose photos of all 50 states have been donated to the library of congress.  A coincidence is that the book was supported by Craig and Barbara Barrett,  owners of the award winning dude ranch, Triple Creek in Montana, where Steven worked.


Farm to Table...We have been working with the Madden family to include some of their local fruit and vegetables in our food.  Their Inn is beautifully done and located in one of those unique spots in Arizona.  Aravaipa Canyon has a year-round stream, fruit trees, citrus trees and saguaro cactus all in the same place  (
The Canine Update
Miss Ruby is still hanging in there in spite of her aging body and mind.  No longer able to hear or see, she is still an independent soul and leads a comfortable life.  All of the other ranch dogs are doing well too.  Laura continues to rescue dogs, even while on vacation in Las Vegas!  Her intention was to improve the condition of this new pup and hope someone would want to adopt her.  Within 15 minutes of arriving home, Bailey was adopted by Shane Driscoll.  A real success story.



We’ve had a busy summer with lots of families, couples and singles visiting the ranch.  The temperatures this summer have been mild compared to previous years which has been a treat.  We are still waiting for the monsoon season to get into full swing.  The few storms that we have had presented some beautiful photographic opportunities.

Reagan True is on the move. . . .
Reagan is 19 months old now and walking unassisted.   Her vocabulary grows daily.  She is a joy to be around and is one very smart little girl. Taking after her Mom and Dad, she is very comfortable on a horse.  


Russell took a short trip to the Eatons’ Ranch, outside Sheridan.  The Eaton brothers first accepted payment from guests in 1891 at their Custer Trail Ranch in the Dakota Territory.  They moved to their current location in 1901.  The visit included a tour of Spear-O-Wigwam, a historic ranch in the Big Horn Mountains.  Ernest Hemingway finished Farewell to Arms on this ranch.
New Activities
The added activities have been a great success.  We created the Adventure Package which includes the rock climbing, target shooting, fat-tire e-bikes, archery and airport transfers.  During most of the year a four night minimum stay qualifies for this package.  Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year period and March 15 to April 19th requires a 6 night minimum stay for the Adventure Package.



RANCH TRIVIA:  Which of these 3 people have been, or are, White Stallion Wranglers?
Answer:  All of them.  Russell True, Carol Bachmann and Shane Driscoll, who has been coming here since he was 8.  He came out in December 2018 as a volunteer to fill some time he had open.  He then filled in for a wrangler who was away for a month and did so well that he was hired full time.
Long Awaited Activity App is nearly here. . .
WSR takes a big step into technology.  We have had an app built that will allow you to sign up for activities from your phone or from one of the tablets at the front desk.  If that seems a bit intimidating to you, we’ll still have the paper lists available.
The Dude Ranch Foundation
In 2001, the True family teamed up with Sarah Stevenson to help the Dude Ranch Foundation purchase the building that now houses their office and Heritage Center Museum.  This summer, the foundation placed a beautiful  bronze plague in honor of our parents, Allen and Cynthia.  For nearly 30 years, we have supported the foundation’s work providing scholarships and preservation of Dude Ranch History.  Membership and giving info is at

with Carol Moore

Lady Long Rider by Bernice Ende

This interesting memoir may resonate in the recess of our long ago imagination for adventure. Who didn’t dream about saddling up and just heading out for a “real” long ride.  Bernice Ende did just that.  Her first adventure, riding a Tennessee Walking horse, was 2,000 miles, Montana to New Mexico.  It was a ride full of thrills and chills. Later she discovered the merits of the Norwegian Fjord, her number one choice for long distance riding.  Since her first ride at the age of 51, she has logged over 29,000 miles!  This is quite a story.  You can find her book on Amazon
The December Special has become so popular that we added an additional 4 nights.  The special is now available until the 18th of December.  Check your calendar and see if you can take advantage of these great prices.
Anna Twinney’s Animal Communication Workshop, Nov.  03 – 10, 2019 
December Special – Dec. 1  – Dec 18, 2019
New Year’s Resolution – Jan 5 – 12, 2020 s/specials/
Cactus Cowgirls Ride Again – Jan. 19 – 26, 2020
Cactus Cowgirls at Rodeo Time -Feb. 22 – 28, 2020
Unbridled Retreat, March 05 – 08,2020
Cactus Cowgirls Wild West April 21 – 26, 2020
Summer Bonanza, May 17 – June 13, 2020
Cactus Kids, June 1 – August 31, 2020


Road Scholar Ultimate Old West Programs -October, February & April and October. 
Road Scholar Intergenerational Ride & Rope
June, July and August 2020
Visit to register. 

 Road Scholar Intergenerational Summer Programs
June, July and August,  Rope and Ride at the White Stallion Ranch 
This year we added the option for rock climbing, fat-tire e-bikes and target shooting. The variety of activities was met with great enthusiam.  Still a highlight  is “Paint a Pony”.  The horses enjoy the attention and feel pretty special when they head back to the corral. If this is something that you and your grandchild (age 9 to 14) might enjoy, visit for details and registration.


White Stallion Ranch, 9251 W. Twin Peaks Rd., Tucson, AZ 85743
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