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New Mexico Dude Ranch
Creek Ranch
Breathtaking scenery, 8200 acres of unspoiled land with stunning sunsets as your backdrop. Creek Ranch provides a truly memorable hideaway for once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Our Working Guest Ranch features sweeping views of sun-splashed terrain, red desert landscape filled with huge arroyos and canyons, famous tumble-weeds, panoramic scenery and wildlife. Stay where cowboys and Indians used to fight, feel the spirit and breathe the air of the Wild West.
New Mexico Dude Ranch
Geronimo Trail Ranch
Real Old West adventure! Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a small, family owned ranch with an emphasis on horseback riding. We are situated in the mountains of the Gila National Forest; some of the most breathtaking, untouched country in America. Our vast area allows for you to ride different trails every day of your stay. Along with the stunning scenery, this area has a rich and fascinating history: from the Mimbres people who were here from 200-1150 AD, to Geronimo and the Apaches to Basque sheepherders, to cowboys and outlaws and even tin miners. We have a passion for the land, the animals, and the history, and we look forward to sharing it all with you!
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New Mexico Dude Ranches

Guide to New Mexico Dude Ranches that feature ranches with Horseback Riding, Fishing, Hiking, Trail Rides, Horseback Instruction, and more. Members of

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