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Shangrila Guest Ranch
Virginia Dude Ranch
Shangrila Guest Ranch
All Inclusive guest ranch with owners and staff committed to giving personalized attention and an ultimate riding experience. Let our quality horses guide you on our expansive trail network on thousands of acres in the rolling countryside. These trails are ideal for any level of rider.

One section of the ride may be spent listening to the rustle of pine needles as your horse winds through tight turns, then you cross a creek, and suddenly you find the pines are replaced by maples, hickories, sumac and holy bushes; while thick ropes of vine drape across the trees. Your setting, once reminiscent of Narnia, now resembles a jungle.

Virginia Dude Ranches

Guide to Virginia Dude Ranches that feature ranches with horseback riding, horseback instruction, trail rides and a lot more. Member dude ranch on

So, grab your hat, put on your boots and get ready for “Western Style Vacation of a Life Time”.

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